Marylebone Square

A Rare London Find


Marylebone Square is a collection of 54 high-end apartments, carefully chosen boutiques and restaurants, and a versatile community hall.

What is it about Marylebone? Perhaps it’s the elegance of its architecture and the charm of its boutiques and eateries – or the surprising tranquillity of its tree-lined streets, a world away from the bustle of nearby Oxford Street. In the end, it might be the sense of community and leisurely pace of life that sets this neighbourhood apart. As the city buzzes with its busy schedules, Marylebone takes its time – savouring sit-down coffees in local cafés and loungy lunches in the park.
It’s easy to forget you’re just a short stroll away from transport hubs, tourist attractions and all the trappings of big city life. As you find yourself idling around the shops on chic Chiltern Street, exchanging hellos with the butcher at the Ginger Pig or sunbathing in a quiet corner of Paddington Square Gardens, you quickly realise that this is a place where people actually live – not just commute to, pass through, or visit for a few hours a day.
Essential services like schools and surgeries comfortably sit alongside fine dining restaurants and stylish boutiques. It’s a neighbourhood where you can buy a loaf of sourdough bread and a designer handbag on the same trip.
At the heart of this scene lies Marylebone Square, a collection of 54 high-end apartments, carefully chosen boutiques and restaurants, and a versatile community hall. A modern take on a traditional London mansion block, this is refined London living at its very best. Offering classic yet contemporary design, and an authentic village feel – right in the city centre.


Designed for Modern Comfort, Inspired by Classic Details

For ambitious individuals, well-heeled couples or growing families, Marylebone Square is the perfect home for those looking for high-quality living in a comfortable environment. Refined, elegant and intuitively designed, the apartments and penthouses are generously spacious yet warmly intimate. Floor-to-ceiling windows and glass sliding doors mean the living space is always aglow with natural light – and the airy, open-plan layout makes it an ideal place for get-togethers. Ranging from one-bed to three-bed layouts, spaces are tailored to occupants – making each space an inimitable home.

Marylebone Square is made from the highest-quality, natural materials. Luxurious yet practical, they are durable, timeless and quietly confident.
The signature element of the architecture is the cast-metal balustrades, crafted by a local foundry. In the kitchen and bathrooms, you’ll find a classic French marble, its delicate grooves and subtle copper veins elevating the interiors to give it a classic feel. Vanity units in the bathrooms and bedrooms are made of a rich walnut veneer, adding warmth and depth to the design.
To create a calming atmosphere, the courtyard is filled with plants, which, together with a stream of natural light, bring the space to life. Whether carefully chosen or exquisitely crafted, at Marylebone Square it’s the small details
that make a difference.


A Place to Call Home

To feel a sense of belonging, you need a community: a well-stocked local grocer where you can pick up last-minute ingredients; a favourite restaurant that welcomes you like family; or a friendly barber at the end of the street. Marylebone has it all. Community get-togethers – whether it’s the farmers’ market on a Sunday or an outdoor concert at Manchester Square – mean that getting to know your neighbours is easy. And for the more functional side, a plethora of outstanding schools and some of London’s most prestigious medical practices all sit within walking distance.
The characterful red-bricked façade is the perfect backdrop for this charming neighbourhood. With a soothing buzz that runs through the streets, it’s a place to relax, explore and make a living.


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