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Tips for selling your home

More than ever in the UK we see our gardens as extensions to our indoor living spaces. Today’s buyers are looking for outdoor relaxation, intimate social zones and even outdoor kitchens. When it comes to home improvement tips for selling your home, it’s just as important to consider the design of your garden as that of your inside spaces. If our homes are our castles, our gardens are the spaces that buffer us from the rest of the world, and allow us to enjoy fresh air at our own pace. Today’s top tip for selling your home is definitely to turn your thoughts to your garden.

Adding value to your home

Your prospective buyers might not be keen gardeners but they will still be looking at your garden and its potential to provide a relaxing and social space. When deciding which improvements to make, you know that superior home improvements such as a luxury kitchen and designer bathroom fittings can increase your home’s value and attraction, and the same applies outdoors. If you want to add value to your home at the same time as obtaining a speedy sale, adding a few luxuries to your garden can really make a difference.

Ideas for garden improvements

Whilst garden renovation might not be everybody’s cup of tea, a bit of time spent thinking about how your garden space works for you and your family, as well as how it looks to visitors, will be time well spent. One of the best ways to do this is to employ the services of a garden designer. We suggest meeting with a few then choosing one who has experience working with high end clients and understands the luxury property market.

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You only have to look at the footage of the Chelsea Flower Show to see how many possible design options you have for your garden but, if you are planning to move on, you won’t want to utilise all of them. So, as an addition to our previous tips for selling your home, here are our top five suggestions for garden improvements for the luxury property market.

Improve the indoor-outdoor flow

You might not want to add valuable space to your property by extending it but by making your outdoor spaces feel like part of your indoor spaces, you will be adding entertainment areas and creating an overall feeling of openness. To improve indoor-outdoor flow you might need to create larger openings and match the level of your garden to that of your home. Simple things like removing visual barriers between the spaces and adding a covered area can make a big difference.

Add a swimming pool

If you remember the lovely hot summer of 2019, you will understand why more and more London buyers are looking for properties with a swimming pool. Escape to the coast and country is all very well but who doesn’t love the prospect of a dip in their own pool at the end of a long day. For a high-end property, make sure you opt for a pool with a bit of added value. Spa features such as a hot tub are popular, and go for generous poolside space for post-swim entertainment and relaxation.

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Consider an outdoor kitchen

Cooking outside is far more sophisticated than it used to be. Outdoor kitchens offer the opportunity for relaxed and social entertaining and should be sophisticated enough to ensure the chef doesn’t have to keep disappearing inside. Avoid over complication with your outdoor kitchen, this is the good life after all, and make sure you add a few extras such as a pizza oven or outdoor bar alongside the barbecue. Make sure the space is big enough to accommodate some comfortable chairs but intimate enough to ensure everyone feels part of the cooking experience.

Add an arbour

As garden structures go, an arbour is a really useful one. Made from a light framework, arbours give the illusion of shelter but allow plenty of light into an area. They are particularly useful in smaller urban spaces as they offer privacy and a sense of intimacy. Depending on your space and garden layout an arbour can create a quiet space for two, and add the illusion of space by delineating between two areas such as an enclose and entertainment area.

Opt for a beautiful wood such as green oak, something classical in stone or a really contemporary metal arbour. Arbours look great with plants growing up them or without but if you are planning to sell soon you might want to keep things simple and allow the structure to tell its own story.

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Take notice of what is around you

Although your garden is your private space, it can be a mistake to view it as completely separate from its surroundings. This is particularly important in urban gardens. Take a good look around and spend some time in your garden. There may be things nearby that add to its attraction; through clever design you can enhance these elements and make your outdoor space seem even more generous than it is.

If your garden offers glimpses of something interesting, use plants or structure to frame the view. If your neighbours have a lovely collection of trees, make sure they can be seen from your entertainment area. If you can hear a brook, birds singing or even church bells from a particular place in your garden, allow a space for pause and perhaps a bench in the optimum position.

Home and garden improvements

These are just a few of the many garden improvements tips that can increase the value of your house and help you secure that sale. House selling might not be the best fun ever but at least, once you have a stunning outdoor space, you will be able to escape to the garden and relax. Home improvements can make a big difference to your house sale but one of the very best things you can do to see a return on your investment is to make sure you retain the services of an experienced local property expert.

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