Property Photography Tips For Selling Your Home

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Image matters. How property photography can help you sell your home.

What attracted you to the last property you bought or rented? Was it the written description or the property photography? Quite possibly both but you would have processed the images first, and much quicker than the writing.

According to MIT, the human brain can process images in as little time as 13 milliseconds. We all know that first impressions last, so getting the photography right when you’re selling or letting a property is vital to a quick and satisfactory sale. Especially when you’re operating in the luxury property market.

Pay attention to your property photography

The instruction above is one of the most important tips for selling your home. But what if you’re not a photography expert? What if you know what looks great but don’t know how to achieve it? Well, you should ideally leave the job to the professionals but understanding how details like lighting and angles affect the quality of images will help you make sure your photographs reflect the calibre of the property you’re offering for sale.

In this article we explain what great property photography should look like and give some top non-technical tips on how to achieve it.

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Professional equipment delivers professional results

There are three important elements to specialised property photography; professional experience, quality equipment and industry knowledge. In this section we’ll look at the professional equipment required to produce the stand-out images your luxury property deserves. There are plenty of useful additions to this list, but here we’ve focused on the basics.

A DSLR camera

Mobile phone cameras have come a long way, but they don’t come anywhere near competing with DSLR cameras on several levels. We won’t go into all the technical details here, but we’ve added a few reasons below:

  • DSLR cameras allow for more enhancement when the weather is dull or cloudy
  • The wider field of view of a DSLR camera gives more options for positioning within a space
  • The larger sensors of DSLR cameras can create images that look clear even on high-resolution screens

A Tripod

A tripod doesn’t just help the photographer look like they know what they’re doing. It pays an important role in ensuring the quality of your property images. Here’s why:

  • A photo taken using a tripod is far less likely to suffer from distortion and blur
  • A tripod gives the photographer more options when it comes to camera and height
  • Straight lines matter, and are easier to produce with a tripod than by hand

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A wide angle lens for property photography

Buyers in the high-end property market love uncluttered spaces with impressive but minimal furnishings. To show this key feature of your home off to a high standard, your photographer will need a wide angled lens. This will:

  • Enhance the size and openness of a room or outdoor space
  • Allow the photographer to include important key features
  • Add to the impression of spaciousness in and around your property

Of course, even the best equipment is only as effective as the person using it. In the next section, we let you in on the basics of professional photography for luxury property.

Planning and preparation are the key to quality property images

There’s plenty to think about when photographing a property so it’s important to do as much preparation and planning beforehand as possible. Whilst your photographer is considering which and how many images will be needed for a successful sale, you can play your part by making sure your property is suitably presented.

Another tip for selling your home would be to employ a professional to stage it, so that it appeals to the top-level buyers you’re hoping to attract. Of course, you might want to do this job yourself, in which case you should focus on the areas below:

  • Tidy up the garden, windows and drive, and dress the front door for that all important kerb appeal
  • Send the decorators through the house to spruce up the paintwork
  • Remember that your favourite possessions might look like clutter to someone else
  • Stick to minimalist colour schemes with the occasional stronger accent
  • Aim for an overall look that makes the property feel welcoming, spacious and subtly luxurious

Once your property’s prepared, it’s time to invite a professional photographer in. We look below at what you might expect during the shoot.

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Getting the right shots to make that sale

If you’re working with an experienced local expert, they’ll have a good idea of your target market and how to take property photos that will meet the high standards required by those purchasers. Your photographer will want to capture all the most important rooms plus the garden and some shots from the front. Make sure you point out any hidden extras such as fantastic views, swimming pools, gyms and cinema rooms but be prepared to take advice on what should make the final selection.

Property photos need to be well lit; this could be with natural light from windows so pull your curtains right back, or it could be that artificial lights are also required. Your photographer may also come prepared with flashes, much brighter strobes or light reflectors.

There are plenty of pro tricks your photographer will use to make sure your photos do your property justice. Getting the right angle is important, especially when it comes to generating a feeling of space but while sideways space can enhance an image, having too much of the floor or ceiling on view can reduce its impact. Expect to see your photographer take several shots of each room.

With tripods, lights and all the careful consideration that goes into property photography, great images take time to create so it’s important to be patient with your photographer. If you’re on a schedule, ask for a time estimate before your appointment.

Work with the experts

Getting the photography right is only one element in a successful property sale. Arlington Residential are the go-to luxury property specialists in Central and North West London. Our team of experts will be more than happy to advise and support you through your property sale. Get in touch today to experience the benefits of our professional advice and expertise.



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