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If you’re looking for somewhere special to live, somewhere not just exclusive but with an eclectic flavour and personality with plenty to see and do, then St John’s Wood is the place to be. The tranquil seclusion contrasts beautifully with its location not far from the city. You’re only ever two tube stops away from the centre of whatever’s going on when you live in a property in St John’s Wood.

However, St John’s Wood offers its own small world of elegant bars, restaurants and funny little shops where you can lose yourself in the area, without ever having to venture as far as the city. You can choose to lie low in the leafy suburbs of St John’s, or you can venture out into London itself via any of the easy-to-access transport links. It’s a place where you can be the city professional or the artist with an appreciation for green landscapes and wide open spaces, that’s the versatility of St John’s Wood.

Today we’re both celebrating and touring the area known as St John’s Wood, it’s the most desirable place to live in London – for a reason. So, take a tour with us, and see why it’s so popular, you may find it’s the place you’ve been looking for.

Busy professional or retired home owner – St John’s Wood is the perfect location

But it’s also a place where the young professional can start a life, frequent its bars and always be only a hair’s breadth away from the city. This is a great place if you have children too, with a plethora of excellent schools and a strong, well-connected community. There’s a real multi-cultural presence here which is evident in the variety of churches, synagogues and mosques to be found here.

Plenty to see, plenty to do

property in st john's wood

St John’s Wood isn’t far away from the West End and Regent’s Park so there’s always something going on somewhere, it can be tranquil and secluded yet you’re not too far away from where it’s happening, just jump on a bus, train or taxi and you’ll soon find yourself at London Zoo, or at the larger stores within the city, or if you prefer sport, you can indulge yourself in your favourite activities as there are plenty of excellent sporting facilities here as well as lots of green open spaces.

If you need some personal time for grooming or shopping and you don’t want the busy streets of the city, then St John’s offers its own unique designer boutiques, delis, and of course excellent spas and hairdressing salons.

Famous locations, famous residents

The place has an illustrious history of rich, famous residents, and its history is equally fascinating, as the area was once owned by the Knights Templar. With such a famous history, you’d be right in thinking that this is one exciting as well as exclusive area in which to live, and it is. It houses some of the most luxurious properties, with one particular street, Avenue Road boasting one of the most expensive roads, not just in London, but in the whole of the UK.

Old and modern architecture

Property in St John’s Wood combines old and new architecture with a series of modern properties but also of Georgian and Victorian terraces too, but there aren’t as many as the rest of London. Don’t be disheartened however, there are still a reasonable number of unmodernised properties which haven’t been touched yet, so there’s always a chance you can snap one up.

Sport, music and places of worship

st johns wood area guide

Here in St John’s Wood, you’ll find venues you’ll be surprised to know were here, if you’re not that familiar with this part of London. You’ll find Lord’s Cricket Ground and Abbey Road Studios in St John’s Wood; Abbey Road is the famous recording studio which saw the Beatles make their most famous albums, and the Central London Mosque is a beautiful piece of architecture finished off with its famous golden dome, which can be seen from the distance.

You can relax in style in St Johns Wood, with a range of coffee bars, restaurants and plenty of green spaces

If you’re free at the weekends after a stressful week at work, then you can always take a leisurely walk along St John’s canal and enjoy the colourful barges. If there’s some gardening to be done, you can always take advantage of the Clifton Nurseries. There’s also a wide selection of first class coffee bars where you can sit down and relax. Restaurants are excellent, there’s a wealth of international cuisine with restaurants offering a welcome change from the mundane.

Transport is flexible and easy

st johns wood guide

Getting about is easy, as property in St John’s Wood sits in such a central location, but if you don’t want to use the car you’ll find that the tube station is on the Jubilee Line in Zone 2, with a railway station also easily available at South Hampstead. Schools are plenty, with a wide selection available, ranging from private, independent and state schools, all with fierce competition. The education offered here is superb, hence the demand and heavy subscription.

Let Arlington Residential find you the best property in St John’s Wood

If you’re thinking of moving here and you’re looking for the perfect property in St John’s Wood, then take your time and look around, don’t make any rush decisions. You want a house that perfectly reflects your style, needs and the size of your family.

Here at Arlington we’re well versed in matching people with their homes, we make it a priority to listen and we have a versatile team of specialists who keep a keen eye on apartments, houses, lettings, and sales. That means that when something special does come up, you’re first in line. If we think it’s right for you, we’ll get in touch and you can decide whether it best matches what you’ve been looking for.

Property in St John’s Wood offers up some excellent locations to live in, but it is fiercely competitive so can be difficult to acquire the best current houses for sale. This is largely because, as we’ve seen, it has good schools, a large thriving community and great transport links. Get in touch today with us here at Arlington Residential and let us help you find your ideal St John’s Wood property.

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