Primrose Hill Local Area Guide

At 63 metres in height, Primrose Hill itself may not tower above north London but it is nonetheless precious to those who live in its surrounds. One of London’s few pockets of countryside, Primrose Hill property is now much sought after by celebrity home seekers hoping to buy into the arty reputation, café culture and privilege of this most desirable of communities. For those with a taste for relaxed luxury and looking for houses for sale, Primrose Hill has everything to offer. Read on to find out more about this fascinating and tempting area of London in our Primrose Hill Guide.

Primrose Hill Property

With easy access to Regent’s Park Road the area’s vivacious, café-strewn core, Primrose Hill property has surpassed price expectations, with prices per square foot reflecting the fact that when it comes to houses for sale, Primrose Hill really does attract those with both taste and money to spend. For the discerning, top end home seeker, quality is crucial and Primrose Hill property does quality rather well.

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Any Primrose Hill guide will tell you about the eclectic mix of architecture that makes up this most select of North London areas. Those looking for status in their Primrose Hill property will not be disappointed to hear that the magnificent Regency architecture of Regent’s Park is reflected in the property of Primrose Hill’s southern streets. Regent’s Park Road, St Mark’s Terrace and Prince Albert Road are lined with a collection of luxury, detached homes, impressive semi-detached villas and much sought-after terraces.

Not to be beaten by the Regency style design of southern Primrose Hill property, Elsworthy Road and Wadham Gardens boast homes built in the Queen Anne style during the 1920s. The discerning Primrose Hill property buyer will tell you that, if you are looking for houses for sale, Primrose Hill’s Queen Anne gems are the homes to keep an eye on.

Just as desired by the rich and famous, are the late Victorian stucco and brickwork terraces to the northwest of Primrose Hill and no Primrose Hill guide is complete without a mention of the mesmerising pastel homes of Chalcot Square, whose impressive first floor, living room windows give a continental feel and allow their occupants to gaze upon a most satisfactory world.

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For those seeking a stylish pied a terre that will provide a luxury base and access to some of the best that London life has to offer, the Primrose Hill property that is gaining attention is the Chalcots Park Estate just off King Henry’s Road. Behind a façade of 70s modernity, this development of flats and homes hides sleek interiors that will please the most discerning of eyes.
Of course, anyone reading a Primrose Hill guide and seeking the very best in luxury property will want to know where the desirable nooks, niches and neighbours are. The most looked-for Primrose Hill properties are those on Regent’s Park Road and Prince Albert Road (watch for views overlooking Primrose Hill itself), Chalcot Square and Chalcot Crescent, Elsworthy Road, Wadham Gardens and St George’s Terrace.

Primrose Hill People

When it comes to neighbours, you won’t be disappointed with a Primrose Hill property. During the 1990s ‘The Primrose Hill Set’ placed the area firmly on the celebrity ‘where-to-live’ list. Members were a budding collection of British musicians and actors that included Kate Moss, Noel Gallagher and Jude Law. It is small wonder that the green and pleasant lifestyle Primrose Hill has to offer continues to attract the UK’s great and good. Don’t be surprised, when you sit down for your pavement coffee, to find yourself next to Harry Styles or Daniel Craig.

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Primrose Hill Community

Those who are lucky enough to already own Primrose Hill property will tell you how much they enjoy its sense of community. If you are looking for a house for sale in Primrose Hill, you will be interested to hear that the area has a group to protect its much-loved conservation, a well-supported community library a weekly artisan, street food market and even its own annual series of lectures. This great sense of community is discussed in many a Primrose Hill guide and has long, historical roots.

Primrose Hill Shopping

If it isn’t Saturday, it isn’t market day but Primrose Hill has plenty more to offer the discerning shopper. Those lucky enough to own Primrose Hill property will find themselves within a stone’s throw of one of the best collections of small, independent shops that London has to offer. From the well-stocked Primrose Hill Books to the unusual La Petite Poissonnerie and its Japanese/French fusion fish, Primrose Hill shops hide a delightful surprise around every corner.

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Primrose Hill Food and Drink

If Primrose Hill didn’t have pavement cafes and tempting restaurants along its picturesque streets, something would be very wrong with the world. When you are tired of shopping you will be spoilt for choice for a chatty morning coffee or an indulgent afternoon tea. In the evening step straight from your luxury Primrose Hill property into one of an eclectic and intriguing set of first class restaurants. Wherever you choose to eat and drink in Primrose Hill, don’t forget to do a bit of people watching, you never know who you will spot from the world of the rich and famous.

Primrose Hill Families

Primrose Hill is popular with families with its relaxed environment, green spaces, easy access to London Zoo and its own Theatre Arts School. The street cafes are often full of the smartly dressed ‘school run’ crowd and, on sunny days, kites and picnics are the order of the day on Primrose Hill itself. For parents looking at houses for sale, Primrose Hill offers access to two great primary school options in Primrose Hill Primary School and the independent North Bridge House. Both primary schools hold an Ofsted rating of ‘outstanding’ and North Bridge House offers an easy transition to its secondary school, which is also rated as ‘outstanding’.

For those looking for luxury property in London, Primrose Hill offers a village lifestyle and environment with good, but not invasive, transport links into central London. A beating heart of a village, steeped in community and privilege, set aside from, yet still within the throbbing pulse of London.


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