Moving House Checklist for Luxury Home Owners

The stresses related to moving house are well documented and, no matter how carefully you choose your relocation services, check out your luxury concierge or set up a moving house checklist, unless you are very careful, there is a chance you might miss something important.

The key to a successful checklist  for moving house may well be to hand the job over to professionals. There are some high-end relocation specialists out there who are used to working with those who own luxury property in London.

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Whether you want to pay attention to each little detail yourself or sit back and let someone else ensure your move goes smoothly, our moving house checklist will help you and give you time to plan exactly how you are going to enjoy your new home.

Move management

This might seem like a grand title but your ‘move into a new house’ checklist, however comprehensive, may well only be the start of ensuring that your move experience provides that combination of relaxing and exciting that only a luxury new home can bring.

Many important new homeowners engage the services of a luxury concierge in order to ensure that all the boxes are ticked. We all work in different ways and how you manage your move is up to you. Take a look at our house moving checklist below and then decide how much of the work, if any, you want to do for yourself.

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A moving house checklist – Luxury property in London

  • Check that your chosen moving date doesn’t clash with any personal, business or national dates (for example UK bank holidays)
  • Choose and employ a removal company, making sure you do so with as much time to spare as possible
  • Plan for the deep cleaning of both your old and new homes
  • Arrange transport to your new home, including the transport of your vehicle fleet
  • Consult an interior designer about furnishings to complement your new home. House and Garden have a great list. Remember, what suits your current country pad may not be right for a luxury property in London
  • Confirm that your healthcare and insurance arrangements are suitable for your move
  • Arrange for your children to be well looked after during the move
  • Ensure appropriate pet transportation
  • Make sure that the paperwork is dealt with including mail redirection, banks, driving licenses, credit and store card companies, utilities, TV and broadband
  • Arrange for your friends, family and contacts to be informed of your impending move
  • Make sure you have made security arrangements for your more valuable or precious belongings both during and after your move
  • Ensure that your new luxury home proves its worth from your very first night by arranging for heating, lighting and food stocks, plus a few well-earned treats to be organised before you arrive
  • Arrange for curtains or blinds to be put up and beds to be made
  • Seek out the very best London events caterers to help you plan that all-important house warming party

Moving house checklist – Luxury concierge services

If one look at the list above leaves you cold, don’t worry; you don’t have to do a single one of these tasks yourself. If you engage a luxury concierge service they will have their own house-moving checklist that will have been developed from years of experience. They will also have detailed knowledge of all that a new luxury homeowner in London needs.

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If you can’t fathom how to find staff or exactly what needs doing with which paperwork, don’t concern yourself. Moving home is an exciting experience, hand over your checklist for moving house and give yourself time for more pleasurable responsibilities such as new furniture purchases and restaurant trials.

An international house move

Whether you are moving for business or personal reasons, you may well feel that managing the finer details of an international move are beyond the remit of your own move into a new house checklist. With things like visas and local legislation to consider, it might be wise to call in the experts.

A high-end moving concierge service, dedicated to HNWIs, can help with all aspects of an international move, including multilingual staff recruitment and training, language lessons, school assessment and places,  guided familiarisation trips, work permits and visas, travel arrangements and record management.

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Moving house checklist – Lifestyle management

If you really want to get the most from your new luxury London property then you should really add a touch of lifestyle management to your house-moving checklist. A good concierge will combine your smooth move with arrangements to settle down quickly into your new lifestyle. High-end business services, indulgent event planning, the latest restaurant bookings, even finding those much sought-after theatre tickets are all part of a concierge’s package of services and can make a big difference to the enjoyment of your new home.

A successful home move depends on sorting out the house-moving checklist at an early stage. It is entirely up to you whether you choose to do this yourself or not. Luxury concierge services and relocation services are available for those who want to save their precious time for more pressing matters.


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