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Interior design trends for 2022

As a landlord your decisions about luxury interiors need to attract your high-end clients. They also need to make financial sense. Updating a property to follow the latest luxury interior tips and trends can pay dividends but not all trends are made equal. Some will last the test of time better than others. When it comes to luxury house design, it’s worth considering the flexibility of your bigger furnishing decisions and purchases.

With all of this in mind, we’ve selected our five top interior design trends for 2022, and teamed them up with some of our favourite landlord tips for luxury home interiors.

Sustainability is high on everyone’s agenda

Whether it’s green transport, low impact living or eco-friendly home design, sustainability has quite rightly become an important decision-making factor for many people. This includes those seeking to rent luxury property. The good news is that sustainability no longer suggests compromise. We now have so much choice in eco-friendly contemporary design that luxury and sustainability have become almost synonymous.

Sustainability tips for luxury interior design

  • Be prepared to answer questions about how furnishings have been resourced
  • Seek out and carefully place high-provenance, repurposed materials
  • Make sustainability choices that work in harmony with your overall luxury aesthetic
  • Select heating, window and insulation options for energy saving as well as design impact

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Outdoors as in and indoors is out

During the pandemic, nature became so important to us it has changed our expectations of our homes. At the very least, modern luxurious interior design needs to reduce the barriers between outside and inside. To suit more discerning clients, a contemporary biophilic design approach will take things further, and make nature an intrinsic part of the building as a whole.

Nature-focused tips for luxury interior design

  • Opt for natural materials and nature-based colour tones
  • Maximise natural light with glass walls, oversized mirrors, and folding glass doors
  • See plants as key design elements for both interior and exterior spaces
  • Take traditional indoor luxury outside with full kitchen spaces, and outdoor bathrooms

A touch of joy and zest can go a long way

As we’ve fallen more in love with our homes, our colour confidence has increased. As a landlord you can’t design for the personality of your prospective clients but you can offer them something to make them smile. White and grey are no longer the only route to luxury design. Today’s premier tenant is looking for a touch of flair and bravery when it comes to colour choice. Think wow factor and excitement when considering colours and finishes.

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Tips for confident luxury design

  • A strong accent colour on a single wall can lift the mood of a space without overwhelming it
  • Think about how colours in adjacent rooms are going to work together
  • Use paint colour and wallpaper texture to highlight previously overlooked architectural features
  • If paint colours worry you, bring in more temporary colour with carefully chosen soft furnishings

Artistic or romantic touches to soften and welcome

The idea of furniture as artwork might come as a surprise after years of precise modern lines but curves and soft features add a touch of romance, and romance is back in. And we’re not just talking about luxurious living room ideas, the right hints can add romance throughout a property. Of course, there’s a balance here. Try not to confuse romance with over stuffing but don’t be afraid to highlight curves and softer shapes.

Design tips for effortless romance

  • Create subtle layers of texture and tone with fabrics and furnishings as well as wall colour
  • Pair existing hard lines and angles with a few softer edges and curved silhouettes
  • Romance is about feelings so spend time in each space you are designing
  • Add subtle romantic touches to highlight existing design features

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Indoor entertainment matters

Over the last two years our homes have had to work hard. We now not only expect them to act as work spaces, we also want them to help us escape from work when the time comes. This has meant an increase in demand for entertainment spaces as well as home offices. As a landlord this can be a tricky demand to meet because everyone’s requirements are different. However, a few less specific luxury interior design adjustments can really make a difference.

Luxury entertainment space design tips

  • Aim to create areas of retreat where household members can immerse themselves in escape
  • Add hotel-quality luxury to create spa bathrooms clients won’t want to leave
  • Install state of the art surround sound and lighting for captivating audio-visual areas
  • Create dedicated recreation nooks for activities such as board games and reading

Luxury home interiors start with the property itself

Of course, achieving the very best in luxury interior design is only ever possible with the right property. At Arlington Residential we specialise in luxury sales and lettings in Central and North West London. We have longstanding relationships with many of our clients, and implicitly understand the middle to top-end property market. For a smooth, seamless, and expert London property experience, please feel free to get in touch with our accomplished team today.



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