How Much Does It Cost To Move House?

how much does it cost to move house

Are you planning a significant property investment? Or perhaps you’re looking for a new luxury family home? Whatever your reason for considering a new home, cost is likely to be at the front of your mind. Moving costs can add up so, to avoid any unwelcome surprises, it pays to understand them before you make that all important purchase decision.

If you’ve been asking yourself, ‘How much does it cost to move house?’ look no further. From stamp duty to removal costs, we answer all your questions on the costs of buying a house.

What is the moving house cost for stamp duty?

With the 2020/2021 stamp duty holiday now well and truly over, you’ll need to pay stamp duty within 14 days of completing the purchase of a property in England. Although your conveyancer or solicitor will handle this for you, it’s important to include stamp duty costs in your decision-making process.

A luxury property in London will almost certainly attract the highest rate of stamp duty. From October 2021, the usual-rate stamp duty payment on a property purchase of over £1.5 million will be 12%. It is however important to consider your type of purchase when calculating your stamp duty costs because purchases for second homes or buy to let properties attract slightly higher rates, as do purchases made by non-UK residents.

  • Stamp duty costs for additional properties – If you own, or are planning to own more than one property, and want to investigate stamp duty, second home cost calculators are available online, and will help you compare different options. The current surcharge for additional properties is 3%, bringing the total stamp duty for most second homes and buy to let luxury properties up to 15%.
  • Stamp duty costs for non-UK residents – If you’re currently living overseas (including British expats), your property purchase will attract an additional increase in stamp duty of 2%. This will bring the total rate of stamp duty for an additional luxury property up to 17% of your purchase price.

costs of buying a house

What is the cost of legal fees when buying a house?

Getting the legal aspect of your property purchase right is really important. You’ll need to employ a solicitor or conveyancer to handle this for you. Choose carefully; as well as handling your sale contracts, carrying out local searches, and dealing with the Land Registry, your chosen representative will be responsible for making sure you have all the legal advice you need.

For luxury property purchases, the stakes are high. It will therefore pay to instruct a solicitor with experience in possible additional aspects, such as security features and swimming pools, that your high-end property might have. The legal fees for buying a house can be charged in different ways, and could even be a percentage of your new property value so make sure you understand how this is going to work before you choose your solicitor or conveyancer.

What are the removals costs for a luxury property?

Luxury properties require luxury furnishings, and it’s more than likely you have some special pieces you really want to be looked after well on moving day. To that end it can pay to seek out the services of a specialist removals company who will take the utmost care with your possessions. The easiest way to find out the costs for this is to ask for an early quote but you could also use an online removal costs calculator to help you get a ballpark figure.

What are the hidden costs of buying a house?

We’ve discussed the big fees when buying a house above but if you want a true estimate of your moving house costs, you also need to consider the smaller things. To help you keep track of all your spending, we’ve listed some of the more hidden costs of buying a house below.

Survey and valuation costs

You know the importance of looking after your investments, and your new property is no exception. The money you spend on a good structural survey could save you from expensive future surprises. There are different types of survey so take advice on which would best suit you.

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Protection insurance costs

Even in the luxury market, property sales can, and do, fall through. With the high mortgage, conveyancing and survey fees that you’re likely to incur before your deluxe purchase, you might want to consider home buyers’ protection insurance.

Travel costs

If you’re currently living overseas, you’ll want to visit your new property, and the area before you move in. With so much to arrange it makes sense to be nearby but don’t forget to include any travel and accommodation costs in your house move cost calculations.

Land Registry fees

This one is payable whenever the Land Registry transfers their registry entry into your name. Expect to pay around £500 for a high-end property purchase.

Deposit and mortgage costs

If you’re opting for a mortgage to finance your property investment, expect to pay a product fee. You may also need to include the costs for a mortgage booking fee, and a lender valuation fee in your moving costs calculations.

Temporary storage costs

If your new home isn’t ready to move into straight away, don’t worry. Take a break, relax somewhere elegant, and put your belongings into temporary storage. Don’t forget to add this to your list of house moving costs though.

Mail redirection

If you’re moving into your new property you might want to take advantage of the Royal Mail’s postage redirection service. Although this is only a small moving cost, it’s worth adding to your list of things to take care of.

legal fees for buying a house

Cleaning fees

Even if you’re getting the designers and decorators in straight away, moving into a new property is always more pleasant if it’s had a deep clean all the way through. Don’t forget to factor this, and possibly a deep clean of your old property, in as one of your costs of buying a house.

New home costs

You’re moving house. You want to make improvements. You want to put your own mark on the place. Quite right too. However, don’t forget to add the costs of designers, furnishings and decoration, as well as any more major alternations into your moving house costs calculations.

Is it a good idea to use a cost of buying a house calculator?

If you’re struggling with calculating your costs for buying a house, you might want to take advantage of the many cost calculators now available online. Some give estimates for separate aspects of your property purchase, for example removals costs calculators, and stamp duty cost calculators. Others take a wider approach, and include some of the smaller fees such as insurance and mortgage costs.

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