House Renovation Checklist for Luxury Property Owners

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Whether you are already living in your dream home, ready to take your next luxury property step or see home remodeling as part of your property development plan, decisions about which house refurbishments or flat renovations you need to make next can be tricky. Luxury home renovation is always a good idea; it keeps your home up to date and means that, when it is time to sell, your property will be snapped up first. On top of that, a house renovation can be great fun and allow you to put your own stamp on a property and make sure that it really works for you and your family. To help you navigate the many renovation goals and improvements available for your luxury property, we have produced this renovating a house checklist.

Get digitally connected with smart home technology

What do you do as soon as you get home? Turn on the lights? Select your favourite track? Turn up the heating? Whatever your favourite relaxing techniques are, the chances are that they require some kind of connectivity and could be made easier by smart home technology. Whether it is a discreet charging point under your kitchen worktop, music playing from room to room or remote controlled heating, smart home connectivity is a luxury home renovation that will make your life easier and, should you be looking to sell, it will definitely be something to encourage prospective buyers.

Home refurbishment cost – smart homes

Whilst establishing optimum digital connectivity can be a costly home renovation, this initial outlay will be balanced over time by savings in energy consumption.

Digital renovation checklist (smart homes)

  • Have you talked to other people about their smart home experiences?
  • Do you have a favourite digital assistant, which can be used as the hub for your smart home improvements?
  • What are your smart home priorities?
  • Is your smart home installer a member of CEIDA, the home technology trade organisation?
  • Have you considered home security in your smart home plans?
  • Have you thought about how home technology could enhance your interior design with lighting, curtain and audio-visual options?
  • Have you considered how digital technology can improve your room-to-room flow?

Invest in top-quality, bespoke windows and exterior doors

When you look at a face, it is the eyes that you first see and the same is true for a house: the very first thing someone passing your home will notice is beautifully crafted and expertly fitted windows and doors. You might think that exterior renovations such as these are external enhancements only but your windows and doors form the frame through which you view the world.

House renovation cost – windows and doors

Fitting designer and crafted windows and doors is a relatively high-cost home renovation option.

house renovation

Exterior renovation checklist (doors and windows)

  • Has your designer taken into account any listed building or conservation area restrictions?
  • Have you looked at the doors and windows on neighbouring properties?
  • Have you considered the energy saving and maintenance benefits of a variety of options?
  • Have you considered privacy and security in your window and door planning?
  • Have you sought professional advice from a luxury property renovation expert?
  • Would you benefit from increased natural interior light?
  • Do you have garden or wider views that you would like to be able to enjoy?
  • Are you seeking a traditional or a modern effect?
  • Could you use windows and doors to improve your property’s indoor-outdoor flow?
  • Have you thought about curtains, blinds and shutters in your window planning?

Create a bespoke home flow with top-notch interior design

No matter how much you love colour, fabric and creativity, putting together a design for a luxury home renovation is a job that should have at least some professional input. A high-quality interior designer will talk to you about your ideas, give an expert assessment of your home and, maybe most importantly, makes sure that your home stands out from the crowd.

Home renovation cost – interior design

One of the roles of a professional interior designer is to help you plan and keep to a budget. This means that you can make spending decisions in advance and allocate other available funds to further home improvements.

Interior renovation checklist (interior design)

  • Before you start any renovations; has your property been given a safety once-over that includes wiring, structure, fire safety and carbon monoxide checks?
  • Have you sought local recommendations for interior design experts?
  • Do you know what you love (and dislike) about your home?
  • Have you spent some time looking at design ideas and considering your options?
  • Do you need to consider future buyers when you make design decisions?
  • Have you discussed your design ideas with your family?
  • Are your design ideas suitable for your type of property?

Give your property a new lease of life by opening up internal spaces

If you live in a traditional home, you may be experiencing the frustration that can come from living in a series of smaller rooms. When it comes to a house or flat renovation, opening up interior areas can improve the sense of space, bring more light into dark corners and give that ‘wow’ factor when guests or prospective buyers visit.

home refurbishment

House renovation cost – room redesign

As well as organising contractors and keeping your home refurbishment project on budget, a good project manager will help you make key decisions correctly and avoid expensive unnecessary plan changes.

Room reorganisation checklist

  • Have you and your family thought about the way you currently use your rooms?
  • Have you had floor plans drawn up to help you consider your current home layout?
  • Have you considered all possible options such as converting existing space, adding or removing walls or building an extension?
  • Do you have any key pieces of furniture that you will want to accommodate in your new home design?
  • Have you reconsidered your lighting, heating and wiring options in line with your new room organisation?

Improve your outdoor time with a garden redesign

There are lots of reasons a garden might not suit your current requirements. You might need an adventurous space in which your children can play, you might want to improve your outdoor entertainment options or you might require a low-maintenance garden that will look great all year round. Whether you are looking to upgrade an area of your garden or undertake a complete redesign, a garden designer will have the skills to understand your needs and create an outdoor space that will work for you and impress other people.

Home refurbishment cost – garden design

Whatever the size of your exterior renovations project, employ the services of an experienced and knowledgeable garden designer to help you establish and stick to a budget.

Garden design checklist

  • Have you spent some time in gardens or public spaces that you love?
  • Have you asked for local garden designer recommendations?
  • Have you contacted the Society of Garden Designers to find the right professional for you?
  • Have you thought about how you and your family prefer to use your outdoor spaces?
  • Do you have any large improvements, for example a swimming pool, in mind?
  • Have you considered the kerb appeal of any proposed garden improvements?
  • Have you thought about how you would like your indoor/outdoor flow to work?
  • Do you know how much you would like to spend a year on garden services?

There can be no doubt that considered and smartly executed luxury home renovations will have significant positive impact on both your enjoyment of your property and its value. If you are contemplating a purchase or sale of a period or modern property in the North West and Central London areas, do please get in touch with our expert team. With an exemplary knowledge of our market and unique understanding of our clients and their preferences, we offer a discreet and bespoke service and have a long history of satisfied clients.


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