Wondering why your house is not selling?

house not selling

If your property has been on the market for a while, you might well be asking the question, ‘Why is my house not selling?’ This is understandable, you’re ready to move on to the next project, and possibly even into your new home. There’s no need to worry though, the selling a house process can be complicated but with the right support you’ll soon have your purchase moving forward. We have some top house selling tips.

Choose the right estate agent for your property

Selling a house is a complicated business, and there are plenty of sales options out there. However, choosing an experienced estate agent who really understands your type of property, and the subtle nuances of the local area can really make a difference. For example, if you’re selling a luxury property in London, you’re going to be at an advantage if your estate agent has a keen eye on house pricing in London, knows the ins and outs of the luxury property market, and has an existing portfolio of potential customers.

Opt for a realistic asking price

It’s difficult to put a value on luxury, especially when it comes to house selling prices. This is where your local expert can really help. By their nature, luxury properties are often unique, and therefore tricky to put into a price bracket. In other words, home selling is a subjective business. It’s all about how much a potential buyer is willing to spend, and that depends on the added value your property can provide.

By engaging the services of an experienced local estate agent, you won’t just be giving yourself access to the very best pricing advice; you’ll be working in partnership with someone who understands the distinctions between luxury properties, and has their finger on the pulse of current house selling prices.

Get the marketing right

If you’re in the process of selling a house in the luxury property market, you need to be aware of the desires of your potential buyers. Your marketing must deliver all the relevant property facts but more importantly, it must sell a lifestyle. A luxury buyer will be looking for the very best in photography and staging, as well as an emphasis on high-end features such as swimming pools, gardens, and of course, that ultimate location.

home selling

Consider completing the project

Many buyers opt for a home with promise, then enjoy the process and challenge of completing home renovations themselves. However, if your house is not selling, it might be that it would move more quickly as a completed project. Take advice from your local expert on this. Location alone can sometimes sell a property, especially to property developers with a keen eye on potential. Completing improvements before you sell will take time but may help you to avoid the frustrating wait that accompanies a slower sale.

House not selling – Get the timings right

One of the top tips for selling your home is to understand the best time to put it on the market. By far the most likely person to get this right is your local estate agent. There are plenty of considerations. The spring and early summer months can be the best time to present your home, especially if you have a garden, or if your property has a north-facing aspect that’s darker during the winter. However, when you’re selling a luxury property, the season isn’t the only aspect of timing you need to consider. Subtle changes in the economy, local sales patterns, interest rates, and supply can all make a big difference in the amount of time it will take your property to sell.

Try to take a flexible approach

If speed of sale is really important to you, one of our top house-selling tips would be to be as flexible as possible. This is a time to decide what really matters. Being flexible with house selling prices can move a sale forward, as can flexibility on viewing times and inspection requests. This is your property sale so work together with your estate agent to make it flow the way you need it to. When it comes to home selling, taking advise from the experts can make all the difference.

house selling tips

Talk to the experts

If you’re feeling frustrated about your property not selling, the very first thing to do is talk to your estate agent. Expect them to be able to explain steps they have taken to move the sale forward but it’s also important to listen to their comments about the current property market. An experienced estate agent will always put their clients’ best interests at the heart of all decision making.

Have a break

If you’re not in a hurry to sell your property, you could consider taking it off the market for a while. This has the advantage of giving you some time off viewings but can also remove the slight stigma that develops when a property has been on the market a while.

Rent your property

If you need to relocate quickly, another option might be to rent your property for a period of time. Luxury rental property in London is very popular, and the process of renting can be made smoother with the support of a specialist letting team.

If you’re home isn’t selling, we can definitely help. At Arlington Residential, we specialise in lettings, purchases and sales in the top-end residential property market in Central and North West London. We have longstanding relationships with many of our clients, and an expert understanding of this complicated and subtle market. Get in touch today for professional help and advice.



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