Have You Thought About These 5 Home Improvement Ideas For Your Luxury Home?

When you own a luxury home, your property already has the ‘wow’ factor through its location, its generous proportions and its stylish design work, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore options for home refurbishment. Opportunities for new home improvement ideas exist in the most well-appointed of properties, whether you are looking for a greater return on your investment, luxury touches that will make your neighbours turn green or the additional level of comfort that you know you deserve, home refurbishment can give you the opportunity to put all of your project planning and design skills into practice. We have 5 luxury home improvements ideas for your high-end property.

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Home Improvement Ideas – Install A Wine Room

Forget the wine fridge, if you are serious about your wine collection and really want to choose a home improvement to impress, you should be considering a wine room. You don’t need a French villa or even a dusty cellar, your new wine room will be somewhere you can display your wine and, if you have space, even sit with your guests. Ideally a wine room will have climate control to ensure the correct temperature and humidity levels, as well as protecting vintage wine from sunlight.

If you want a wine cellar below your house, you can have one constructed but if you prefer to use one of the existing spaces in your home, consider a wine room, wine wardrobe or wine wall. The great thing about wine spaces is that they can be created to suit your design theme. If your home has a contemporary feel choose glass and steel for your home refurbishment but if you value traditional style, stick to wood. Maintaining both the climate control system of your wine room and your wine list are important. Consider specialist software such as that from Monopole to keep track of your wine portfolio and allow for tasting notes and marketing data.

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Create An Outdoor Kitchen

As far as home improvement ideas go, everyone loves a barbecue, but burnt offering and charcoal smoked eyes aren’t really what you want to be serving your guests. For a popular home improvement, a real outdoor/indoor lifestyle and year round outdoor cooking, consider building a tailor-made outdoor kitchen. Start with a bespoke garden building that can shelter you whatever the weather and then choose from the vast range of dining and cooking luxury options on the market. Garden buildings suitable for outdoor kitchens can include combinations of pavilions, conservatories and gazeboes and can be close to your home for easy access or at the end of the garden to provide that ‘at home but away from it all’ feeling.

Once you have chosen your outdoor kitchen space, to maximize the potential of your new home improvement, you will need some luxury outdoor furniture from where you can watch someone else make the most of the state-of-the-art pizza ovens, smokers, grills and griddles. Don’t forget those important little touches such as mood lighting, heating and tableware.

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Build A Home Spa

A hot tub is all very well but if you finish your gym routine and those knotted muscles need a sauna, think how fantastic it would be to wander down to your own luxury home spa with a choice of facilities to suit your mood. To clean pores and open sinuses consider a steam room or steam shower with an audiovisual system, to provide the ultimate relaxation experience include a therapeutic bath that incorporates a hydro-thermo massage or aromatherapy element and add a private area for those times when your favourite masseuse or masseur comes to call.

Many people find the most relaxing home spas are created to feel as though they are part of the immediate outdoor space with a zen feel and simple planting. Remember that you may sometimes want to use your home spa to chat or relax in with friends, and include some sumptuous seating and plenty of storage space for enormous fluffy towels.

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Make Your Home Smart

Smart home technology is one of the latest home improvement ideas, it is advancing all the time and often sought after by prospective buyers. Not only will a smart home make your home work exactly as you want it to but the latest, immersive home technology can also add to its economy and environmental efficiency. Hardware hubs such as Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod can control lighting, sound and set household reminders but why stop there? With a smart thermostat such as the Nest Learning Thermostat you can save energy, enjoy a home temperature you prefer at the time you prefer it and teach your thermostat how to manage your home heating to suit you.

For you and your family’s safety you could also consider a smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm such as the Nest Protect and a smart home security system such as Samsung’s SmartThings range, which, as well as allowing you to remotely monitor and control home security, can make your life easier in a number of ways.

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Love Your Flooring

Just like a beautiful sward of green lawn, your flooring makes one of the strongest statements that a home can have. For the ultimate experience in barefoot luxury, not only should your home have flooring that enhances and expands your indoor space, but you should also consider underfloor heating as a home refurbishment throughout. View your floor as a blank canvas, ready to receive a bespoke piece of art and think outside the box. Wood can be warm and welcoming but, to make a statement, how about other natural materials such as marble, onyx or quartzite? Stone floors can even be laid with metal inlays or semi-precious stones to elevate their design appeal.

Once you have the flooring of your dreams, it makes sense to keep it in tiptop condition with the latest in cleaning systems. Consider a robot vacuum cleaner and schedule your automatic cleaning sessions, or use a central vacuum system like which can drastically reduce your family’s exposure to dust and other contaminants.

If you choose the right luxury home improvements and ensure they are carried out to a high standard, your home will be both something you can’t wait to show off and a financial asset. At Arlington Residential we have a wealth of knowledge and understanding about luxury homes and home refurbishment. Our team of specialists would be happy to advise you on your purchase and sale of period and modern properties in the most exclusive North West and Central London areas.

If you don’t like the sound of our luxury home improvements, feel free to get in touch with the team at Arlington and start the search for your perfect property today.


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