Buying a Luxury Home: Top 10 Expert house buying tips

Buying a home is classed as one of the most stressful ventures you’ll ever go through along with moving as a close second. It’s probably the biggest purchase you will ever make. In our guide, we’ve got some top house buying tips to help you make that all-important decision.

house buying tips

If you’re buying a luxury home, you need to give careful thought to more than one property, weighing up the pros and cons, deciding which one is right for you. If you have a family, then you’ll be looking to find a house that will accommodate the addition of more members in the future. You may be big on entertaining or be a keen gardener. It’s important to choose the property that works for you.

Read on to discover our top house buying tips.

Don’t dismiss a property because of the photo

If you see a home and you hate it from the outside, don’t dismiss it outright. Perhaps the house looks better from the inside, the exterior is only the half of it, it may be the case that it’s simply not that photogenic.

Work with people you have good working long-term relationships with

When looking for a mortgage, make sure you go to someone who knows your financial history, they’ll know you well enough to know whether you’re able to meet the mortgage each month and whether you’re over extending yourself.

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Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate

If you’ve found a house in an attractive area, it’s possible that it can command a particular price. It may be that everyone wants to live here, it may have a great little school close by, a close-knit community and not far from your place of work.

Don’t always just accept the price, see if you can negotiate and bring the price down. The buyers could be after a quick sale, they may need to move on quickly to start a new job. If this is the case, see if they’re willing to drop the price a little…or a lot.

Inspect the house properly

Take the time needed to inspect the property and check out any amenities which you may not be aware of and didn’t appear in the house’s description for whatever reason. There may be more than one advantage to living in this property, perhaps there’s an extra fireplace, garden lighting, or a sophisticated security system, or maybe a pool or spa.

home buying tips

Don’t rely on estate agents alone

You never know what you might find if you search around for properties under the radar, that is, properties which are being sold by the owners or being auctioned rather than through an estate agent. You may find your dream luxury home, in which case all that investigative effort will have been worth it. Also, go through search engines and on seller’s sites such as gumtree etc. not everyone wants to sell through an agent, so keep your eyes peeled. With that said, it’s always a good idea to seek some form of professional advice to ensure that you avoid any issues before buying the property.

Storage space

This is often overlooked, but storage is important, especially if you have children. You need to make sure there’s plenty of space to keep items that are important to you, as well as bedding, towels and cleaning utensils. There’s all the junk you don’t want to throw away as well as linen and paperwork. Make sure you have the required storage space you’ll be needing. If you don’t, you may come to regret it later.

Room size

Check that the houses are big enough for your needs, if you have children or you’re planning on having them, then you’ll need to make sure you have enough bedrooms, and the same with regards to bathrooms.

Luxury house buying

Check out the roof, ceiling and walls

Make sure the roof, ceiling and walls are not cracked or damaged and that there’s no damp areas they’re trying to conceal. Don’t leave it till after you’ve bought it, you’ll wind up paying to have it repaired.

What’s local?

Is it near your place of work, school, public transport, restaurant, pubs. You don’t need to buy a luxury home in the middle of nowhere if you don’t drive and you can’t find the nearest shop. You may be wanting to live somewhere where there’s a good sense of community a local shop or an airport even. Check all this out before you buy.

Plumbing and sound proofing

Make sure there are no problems with sound proofing and that you check the neighbours out. You don’t want ones who are noisy and are going to make your life hell.

Buying a luxury home

We hope you found our house buying tips useful and if you need any further advice, please get in touch and one of our team will be more than happy to help you.
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