10 Burning Questions Every Luxury Property Seller Should Ask


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As the owner of a luxury home, you are quite right to expect only the best service from your estate agent when the time comes to sell your property. To understand how to sell your house and achieve the results you are looking for it’s important is to make sure you ask the right questions for estate agents.

Success in property sales often depends on the quality of advice and service you receive. To help you we have ten burning questions every luxury property seller should ask.

Which questions should you ask you estate agent?

The first thing to remember here is that it is in your estate agent’s interest to obtain a quick and satisfactory sale. The relationship between estate agent and client is particularly important with luxury property so here are a few questions that might help you to get that relationship exactly right:

  • Do you have any advice concerning when to sell my property?
  • Can you explain your marketing methods in relation to my property?
  • How long do you think it will take to sell my house?
  • Can you recommend any luxury additions that might help with my sale?
  • What will the financial details of our arrangement look like?

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Is there a right time to sell my house?

Getting the timing right is an important house selling tip but, with a luxury property, choosing the right time of year isn’t necessarily that simple. As a general rule, spring is a great time to sell. People have more time than they do at Christmas or in the summer and the spring brightness can turn people’s thoughts to a new home.

Choosing exactly the right time for property sales will depend on your property. For example, a home that is clearly suited to a family might not sell so well in September just after the children have returned to school.

Do I need to make repairs before I sell my house?

Luxury homes that are in disrepair do sell but usually to property developers who are looking to buy at knockdown prices. Buyers interested in luxury property are buying into a way of life and that includes the very best of everything. At this top end of the market, money not only talks, it can also walk. By making sure that you sort out any niggles before you sell a house, you will be making sure that the money walks towards your property sale, not away from it.

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How much is my house worth?

Any property is worth as much as the next owner is willing to pay for it. As the number of registered London property buyers starts to rise, the news is encouraging but the state of the property market is not the only factor in house value. Often it is the number of contacts and the exposure to these that your estate agent gets for your property that can swing the higher prices. Try to balance your high price expectations with solid advice from your estate agent.

Which house selling tips will help me sell my house?

There are many estate agent tips out there but not all of them are pertinent to the luxury property sales market. One thing however, that you can do is trust the professionals. Once you have chosen the right luxury property estate agent for you and your property, make sure you listen to their advice, be completely honest with them about your home, and undertake any improvement they might suggest.

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My house is about lifestyle, how can I sell that?

If only selling a luxury house was as simple as selling architecture and furnishings, but it isn’t. Think about when you purchased your property, the chances are that you were hoping to buy into a lifestyle. Even in Central and North West London, there are distinct areas that offer different lifestyles. For example, Hampstead offers a certain brand of artisan living for those who enjoy the vibe and culture of bustling London but enjoy a village feel and want to be part of a community.

What is a property sales marketing plan?

Luxury property sales are all different so expect your estate agent to develop a bespoke marketing plan designed specifically for your property and the current market. Of course, some elements of this plan will be standard and suit most properties and buyers, but there will be additional characteristics that are exclusive to your property, its location and your selling requirements.

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Do I need online exposure when I sell a house?

A certain level of exposure is obviously necessary in order to sell a house, and this can include a presence on websites and sometimes social media. A specialist estate agent will have excellent connections and ongoing arrangements with leading property websites, and be able to advise you on this. If however you would prefer a more discreet arrangement in order to preserve your privacy, the right luxury property agent will have enough significant contacts to be able to deliver an inconspicuous sale.

How do I find the right buyer for my house?

Understanding your prospective buyers is a great house-selling tip and can help you prepare your home for sale. However, in the luxury property sales market, pinpointing a target customer profile can be tricky. If your property stands out as unique, it makes sense that it might be an exclusive and unexpected buyer who wants to make a purchase.

There are however certain clues available to help you build a psychological profile of your ideal prospective customer. Your home’s proximity to the best schools and the lifestyle it is offering via neighbours, restaurants and culture can all help. By far the best way to get advice on this will be to talk to an experienced luxury property estate agent.

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Have I chosen the right estate agent to sell my house?

When it comes to luxury property sales, finding exactly the right estate agent to sell your house is vital to ensure the correct level of marketing and exposure to key prospective buyers. In the luxury property market, it is often best to look for a smaller, independent specialist estate agency that knows the area well and has a long history of experience and connections. The luxury property market is full of special nuances, and success often depends on a detailed level of understanding and inside knowledge.

At Arlington Residential, we pride ourselves on our experience in the Central and North West London luxury property market. We are an independently owned company who believe in delivering the personal touch alongside sales results often in excess of asking prices. For professional help and advice for property sales and lettings in North London get in touch with our team today and make your next move in the luxury property market a fulfilling one.


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